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Left Archive: Starry Plough, No. 9, 1972, Official Sinn Féin November 30, 2020

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

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This edition of the Starry Plough adds to the collection of Official Sinn Féin material from the early 1970s. There is a varied content, from Rachmanism, through to calls to harass the British army in the editorial.
This argues that:

We appeal to the people, not to lie down under this pressure [from the British Army] but to retaliate in the most effective way they know, by mass peaceful protest.This tactic has proved successful in the past. The British Army are not trained to control thousands of protesting people who can only show passive resistance.The British government can ill-afford another Bloody Sunday.

There is also the transcript of a speech by Des O’Hagan on ‘What is Republicanism’. There’s an overview of 1972, which was, of course, the year that the Official IRA called a ceasefire. There’s a long piece on Irish Women’s Liberation and the last page engages with The Industrial Scene and argues that ‘Derry Docks-Sold Down the River’.

Apologies for the slightly low resolution of the document.


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