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Ballymurphy May 13, 2021

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Good to see the result announced yesterday, perhaps almost as good is the general acceptance of that result, and what that means for the families and friends of those who were killed at Ballymurphy, the result of British state actions and at the hand of British state forces. At a minimum it could perhaps make those who try to reduce and simplify the complexity of what happened during the conflict think again. The partial support for armed struggle was built in part on dismal events like these. And if armed struggle itself was unable to deliver a way out, then equally a British security, or military, solution was always unobtainable.


1. Fergal - May 13, 2021

Can’t wait to see Harris’s take on this… in the Sindo

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2. roddy - May 13, 2021

Some establishment hacks went as far as asking victims families -“what were the IRA doing on the day?”All the victims were killed by the Paras but no doubt on the day(s) the IRA did probably engage the Brits at some point. as did civilian rioters.That they did might be due to the fact that on those days both the Brits and the RUC were dragging people from their homes and taking them to torture centres before being despatched to years of internment without trial. These same”journalists” interviewed Beattie and Nesbitt on the same programmes and did’nt ask them what the UUP was “doing on the day”. A UUP government was signing the orders for the residents of Ballymurphy to be tortured and interned and the Paras were enforcing UUP rule.

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