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Left Archive: Wolfe Tone in Song and Story, CPI Students, Northern Area, c1980s. August 23, 2021

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive

This document, printed and issued by the Communist Party of Ireland Student Group, Northern Area, focuses on Wolfe Tone in song and story. It contains a brief introduction to Tone’s life noting:

Tone’s greatness is that he first gave expression to Irish Republicanism. He also clearly saw the need for unity of the people and recognised the possibilities of a successful armed rebellion at that particular time due to the weakness of the ruling class… sectarianism has taken a dreadful toll amongst the Irish working people and it is only when we have a united working class that we an look forward to a new future of independence and SOCIALISM.

Inside the document reprints the words of various ballads and poems about the United Irishmen, including A Fenian Ballad, The Patriot Maid, Henry Joy, Bodenstown and A Rebel Song. It also reprints the words of The International. 


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