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That Tory contest… December 2, 2021

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This from the Mirror (thanks JH) points to Sidcup…

A storm in a Sidcup

If today’s Prime Minister’s questions has a more combative tone than usual that will be because both leaders will have an eye on tomorrow’s by-election in Old Bexley and Sidcup.

The Conservatives are not expected to lose the seat but they will be worried if Labour makes a serious dent in their 18,952 majority.

The contest was caused by James Brokenshire’s death from cancer. 

Brokenshire was a popular MP, regarded with affection on all sides of the Commons for the courteous way he conducted his politics, and the Tories may benefit from a sympathy vote.

But the by-election also comes on the heels of a difficult few weeks for the Government where questions have been asked about Boris Johnson’s style of leadership.

If his musings on Peppa Pig World have not have cut through to voters then the cost of living crisis certainly has as my colleague Ben Glaze discovered when he visited the seat yesterday.

The Evening Standard has also picked up on some buyer’s remorse over Brexit as people notice changes to the price and availability of goods.

Nor does it help that the Conservatives have picked a candidate, Louie French, who is regarded as on the low-wattage scale of charismatic politicians.

A poor result for the Tories will only add to the jitters in the Conservative Party, though much will depend on the results of forthcoming by-elections in Shropshire, caused by the resignation of Owen Paterson, and to a lesser extend in Southend.

Check this out…

In all three seats the Tories will be monitoring closely the performance of the Reform Party, the latest mutation of the UKIP strain of political parties.

If Reform can pick off even a couple of percentage points from the Tory vote it will cause more alarm than a mini Labour revival as it will signal they could be vulnerable in dozens of marginal seats.


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