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Stout times January 15, 2022

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Had the opportunity to taste the new Guinness non-alcoholic draught stout recently. I’ve tried pretty much all the non-alcoholic lagers and beers I can get my hands on and I’ve a real interest in very low-alcohol beers and Radlers too, those around 2.0 up to 3.2% ABV. It’s striking how good some of the latter can be. Guinness had already released a pretty solid non-alcholic lager, some years back.

Which magazine did a blind taste test here of the new stout. As they noted:

As the name suggests, Guinness 0.0 is an alcohol-free version of the famous Guinness Draught stout with an ABV of 0.0%. Guinness says its new non-alcoholic beer has ‘the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and unique dark colour of Guinness Draught, just without the alcohol.’
After tasting each pair of drinks, both tasters were asked to choose whether they thought each drink was Guinness 0.0 or Guinness Draught. Both tasters identified small nuances that enabled them to distinguish two different drinks, but the regular Guinness drinker was the one who could consistently tell which one was the Guinness Draught. The novice Guinness drinker mostly thought that the Guinness 0.0 was the Guinness Draught and that the Guinness Draught was the Guinness 0.0, but they were nonetheless able to notice that the two drinks were slightly different.
I’d have to agree, but it was pretty damn good, almost astoundingly good for a non-alcoholic drink. As a drink in its own right it tasted excellent (granted all this is subjective). I wonder is that because it is radically different, as a stout, to lagers? So the creaminess, as it were, of stout – indeed the intrinsic heaviness, masks much of the alcohol content to begin with and therefore the distinction between that and the alcohol version is not as pronounced to the taste?
I’d actually have to admit to preferring Beamish or Murphy’s to Guinness more generally. And I recently tried Island’s Edge, the new stout from Heineken which was also very good too.
But speaking of non-alcoholic drinks anyone noticed the big push for Gordon’s alcohol free gin. I don’t really drink spirits, but I do wonder how a spirit can be replicated, or if it is even possible to come close to it? 


1. muir - January 15, 2022

I’ve been on the alcohol free beer for a bit now and Guinness 0.0 is really quite good. I almost prefer it to the regular draught cans.


WorldbyStorm - January 15, 2022

Me too. As well as which the non-alchol Guinness is a lot easier on my stomach too.


2. Liberius - January 15, 2022

On the Gordon’s alcohol free gin, I mean that’s just flavoured water, and given that every 40% ABV bottle of spirits sold in Ireland will have had €11.92 in excise duty slapped on sort of justifying the eye-watering prices (if any tells you booze is cheap in Ireland they’re idiots unable to do international comparisons), as such it’s hard to see how the high price of it (~€15 a bottle) can be justified.

On Beamish, it’s better than Guinness and what I’m drinking tonight.

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WorldbyStorm - January 15, 2022

Entirely agree re Beamish!
That’s what I thought re alcohol free gin.


3. Crocodileshoes - January 15, 2022

Ridiculously, Tesco wouldn’t give me any club card points on my pack of Guinness 0.0. ‘No points on alcohol’. ‘But the whole definition of the product is that it has NO alcohol!’


WorldbyStorm - January 15, 2022

That’s infuriating – seem something similar in Aldi where they wouldn’t sell non alcohol beer outside the hours for alcohol- btw do you like it?


Crocodileshoes - January 16, 2022

I do. And I remember (shudder) Guinness Light!


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