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Left Archive: Liberty Magazine – ITGWU Golden Jubilee; 1909 – 1959, Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union, 1959 February 14, 2022

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Many thanks to the person who scanned and forwarded this to the Archive. This is a very important addition to the Archive and we are particularly grateful for the opportunity to post it up. This edition of Liberty Magazine was issued on the Golden Jubilee of the ITGWU in 1959.
In the message from the General President, John Conroy.

I DESIRE in this special issue of “ Liberty,” published to commemorate the Union’s Golden Jubilee, to
congratulate every member of the Union, north, south, east and west, on the contribution they are
making in upholding the proud name and glorious history of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The achievements of the Union during the fifty years of its existence, just the same as its successes to-day, were only possible because of the loyalty and the sacrifices of the rank and file of the membership. Our future successes likewise depend on a loyal, informed and intelligent rank and file membership.



In the years since its establishment the Union has, because of the democratic principles under which it operates, its fighting spirit and the outstanding service given to its members, retained the confidence and the respect of many thousands of workers throughout the 32 Counties
of Ireland.
We must retain these essential features of our Union.
We must never fail to impress on the young members their obligation to maintain the tradition of service to the members; how important to the future well-being of the Union are good and well-run Section Committees, good Section Collectors, Branch Committees and other responsible
Management organisms within the Union.


We have every right to celebrate joyfully the Union’s Golden Jubilee and to feel justly proud of our Union’s past achievements. Let us be sure that those who follow us will be proud of the achievements of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union of our day and that we of
this generation record in history some outstanding advances for the wage earners and the working-class of Ireland.

There is a significant amount of content, far too much to outline here other than to point at the numerous pieces including ‘Headlines in 1913’, ‘The Workers Army that Inspired a Nation’, ‘Munster’s Glorious Past in Worker’s Emancipation’, ‘The Great Ulster Problem’ and ‘Connolly-A Reminder’. There’s also a Special Supplement that includes pieces on ‘The First Fifty Years of O.B.U’ and profiles of various ITGWU founders and members. There’s also a piece on ‘The Right to Picket’.



1. EWI - February 14, 2022

So, why exactly did the ITGWU obliterate Connolly’s Liberty Hall and put up that awful skyscraper instead?


2. banjoagbeanjoe - February 14, 2022

The unemployed may scoff
But workers have to skimp and scrape
To own so fine a skyscraper

Austin Clarke got it spot on with ‘New Liberty Hall’.



terrymdunne - February 14, 2022

It is a bizarre construction, but fits the spirit of the times I think, reminds me of an annual I have which I have dig out sometime, from around same years, where the cutting down of the Amazon to build Brasilia is hailed as a wonderful moment of progress.


Liberius - February 14, 2022

I like Liberty Hall and will hear no arguments against it.

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EWI - February 14, 2022

The unemployed may scoff
But workers have to skimp and scrape
To own so fine a skyscraper

Do the workers own the skyscraper? Our own IMPACT informed us at the start of austerity a decade ago that, as a ‘private company’, their T&Cs and wages were no concern of ours; I assume a similar state of grace blesses the upper echelons of SIPTU.

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3. Tomboktu - February 14, 2022

A Valentine’s day call and reply that wasn’t quite as planned.


Tomboktu - February 14, 2022

erm. That should have been a comment to the “What you want to say” post for last week.


Tomboktu - February 14, 2022

oh.. The ECB has now deleted their tweet


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