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Left Archive: Hail May Day! Red Patriot, Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist), May 1st 1984 May 2, 2022

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This edition of Red Patriot from the CPI (-L) joins others in the Archive. It is particularly timely since it celebrates May Day.

It notes:

For today, just as in the time of Marx and Engels, the whole world is divided between two main classes which stand io opposition to each other – the capitalist and imperialist bourgeoisie on the one hand and the working class, the international proletariat on the other. 

It continues:

However apparently powerful the capitalist and imperialist bourgeoisie, this class is a decadent class, doomed to extinction.

The piece also attacks the “revisionist sham “Communist Party of Ireland of Michael O Riordain and the social-democratic “Workers” Party… the Soviet Union is joining U.S. Imperialism and our national enemy British Imperialism in brow beating the working class and the oppressed Irish nation against revolution, and holding out the same old myth of ‘peaceful change'”.

Other pieces examine the visit of President Reagan to Ireland:

With mounting opposition of the people of Ireland to the  coming visit of Ronald Reagan, the notorious fascist butcher and warmonger –the main capit­alist parties hove been thrown into disoroy. Originally they hod hoped that the Reagan visit would be viewed as a feather in their cop and they were partic­ularly hoping that the ·represen­tative of this big superpower would intervene in Ireland by assisting them in deceiving  the Irish people over the proc­eedings of the New Ireland
Forum, by giving it the seal of his approval.
But all their hopes are back­firing as one by one they are being forced to make statements “disagreeing” with U.S. foreign policy, especially in Central America.

A long piece argues “Hands Off Albania” and another asserts “Long Live the Inspiration of Bobby Sands – Patriotic Hero”.




1. pangurbán - May 2, 2022

thanks for posting this, its a great laugh
i’m wonderinging where david vipond id now?

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WorldbyStorm - May 2, 2022

I want to know more about the split in the CPI (M-L) around the late 1970s. Apparently it was pretty fractious. Some of the party publications refer to it but I’ve seen no clear account.


2. Aonrud ⚘ - May 2, 2022

I thought we had an accidental duplicate in this one, but they just liked using that headline in May it seems!


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