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Left Archive: Armagh/H-Block News, Drumcondra/Whitehall Action Group, Vol 1. No. 5, Sept 19 1981 January 30, 2023

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This document issued by Drumcondra/Whitehall Action Group, a section of the Armagh/H-Block Action Group, which was associated with the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) and where the publications of the Action Group were often interpolated with CPI (M-L) publications, is of some interest.

The piece exhorting readers to join the Group notes that:

We are a non-party political group campaigning to secure the five demands of the H-BLock and Armagh prisoners. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a counter to the decent and lying propaganda being organised by the state on the H-Block issue. It is also produced to answer the questions that many people have on the issue. We encourage people to contribute to the bulletin, both financially and by sending in comments questions and contributing articles cartoons etc.

The contents covers a range of issues relating to Armagh and H-Block including the arrest of nineteen people after a demonstration at the British Embassy the previous week. There is also a piece on ‘Support in Britain’ growing for the campaign. There is an update on news from the hunger strikes. And there’s a report on a march against the British Military Attaché in Dublin held in Dun Laoghaire.


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