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IMPACT Channel October 27, 2009

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I thought regulars (and, indeed, visitors) in the Cedar Lounge Revolution might be interested in the IMPACT channel at Youtube.

At the moment it contains four films: Labels, The Nerve, They’re Everywhere and Monster.

The first two are straightforward.

Which of your wasteful public services would you cut?:

A concerned mother shares her son’s experience with his public servant speech therapist:

The second two engage in parody.

News ‘report’ on public servants:

A backroom Irish public servant comes clean:


1. Tomboktu - October 27, 2009

And IMPACT is open to posting more if there are any film-makers on the Lounge:

Why not make your own homemade video blog or short film?

Due to the enthusiastic response to our YouTube channel and suggestions from some union members and the general public, we’re encouraging people to make and submit their own blog or programme.

We’ll select the best entries and put them up on our YouTube Channel. We’re suggesting that you structure your message to cover three simple areas. First, tell us about your circumstances – financial and personal – as a public servant. Second, let the world know what you think of government policy around people’s vital public services. And lastly, what creative ideas have you got in your workplace for savings and efficiencies in response to the national crisis?

Of course if you’ve other ideas, concepts and messages, please go ahead and get creative.

More information from: info@impact.ie (put ‘Video responses’ in the message field)


2. Tim - October 27, 2009

These are very, very good!


3. Conor McCabe - October 27, 2009

These are great!


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5. Crocodile - October 28, 2009

‘The first two are straightforward…the second two engage in parody.’
Nos. 2,3 and 4, surely?
A few quibbles with these ( why ‘Republic’ servants in no3?) but very impressive overall in production and acting. Any chance of one of these turning up in the commercial break of the 9o’clock news?


smiffy - October 28, 2009

That ‘Republic’ thing is a bit strange. Is there any reason behind it?


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7. Sean Mór - October 31, 2009

To be honest folks, these are dismal, boring, and sadfaced.


8. Niall - November 2, 2009

@smiffy and @Crocodile – The ‘Republic Servants’ line was used to give the impression of a discussion about a sect or some sort of other minority under suspicion, but also to give a clearer indication that it is a parody, not real life.

Something to give us a bit of satirical distance while still making the point about how the debate about public servants has resulted in the stigmatisation of people who work to provide public services.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback (good and bad ;-))


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