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Euro 2012 January 9, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in Sport.

Regular commenter Joe has something he wants to say. I noticed Jim Beglin talking about the Sunderland player McClean as a potential for Euro 2012. Anyway, back to Joe.

I’ve been waiting for the What you want to say thread. But I can’t wait any longer. So this one fits, sort of.
Who will Trapp bring to Poland? There will be 23 players on the panel. I suggest that the following are certs, barring injury:
Goalkeepers: Given, Westwood, Murphy
Defenders: Kelly, O’Shea, St.Ledger, Dunne, Ward, O’Dea
Midfielders: Duff, Whelan, Andrews, Fahey, Hunt, McGeady, McCarthy
Strikers: Keane, Doyle, Long, Walters, Cox
Which by my count leaves 2 more places. Suggestions anyone? I’m talking about who Trapp will bring not who you would like him to bring, if you follow. O’Dea and McCarthy above might be in the probable rather than certs. Have I left anyone obvious out?


1. james - January 9, 2012

I doubt trap will take 5 strikers

likely 3 goalkeepers, 8 defenders, 8 midfielders, 4 strikers

which would be a like for like replacement for each starting player in our 4-4-2 system

randolph or forde likely ahead of murphy in 3rd goalkeeper slot

all the defenders you named +
clark will probably go as he can play left back.
remaining spot up for grabs foley, cunningham in with a shout

all midfielders you named+

coleman likely to be back up right midfield
keogh also in with a shout, mcclean if he plays in next friendly

cox likely to be eliminated from striker slot if all others are fit


2. james - January 9, 2012

wilson, mcshane, treacy, meyler, gibson, brady, hoolahan, best, stokes all outside shots


3. HAL - January 10, 2012

O’Dea played well for Leeds last night and is getting regular football.


4. Joe - January 10, 2012

Thanks all. Your take looks very sound, James. I’d be amazed if Trap took McClean – he’s just too recent on the scene. Even though he looked the biz on the telly at the weekend. I’d be very disappointed for Cox if he doesn’t make it after his performance for us against Armenia. But if a striker is to be left off from my list, it’ll be him…or Long! Wow. He should leave out Long just to get Dunphy going!


james - January 10, 2012

hopefully their will be some experimentation at the next few friendlies, try a few new faces before squad is picked.

The problem with all our strikers is that they are not very flexible (i.e not really capable of playing multiple roles such as on wing or attacking midfield position. all of them play exclusively in centre forward/striker positions)

although trap may consider long capable of covering right wing, which may then mean omission of coleman instead of cox


5. EamonnCork - January 10, 2012

If it comes to a choice between Cox and Long, he’ll take Cox. I think Stokes is worth a punt but doubt if he’ll get a chance.


james - January 10, 2012

its not worth getting overly hung up on the last names down on the 23 man squad anyway.. only likely to be 3 matches and trap likely to use no more than 14 players at the tournament


Joe - January 10, 2012

Good point. Then again, when we qualify out of the group there’s bound to be a few injuries and knocks to those 14, giving a chance to some of the others. By the time we get to the final, anyone could be in the team. (Yes, as ever, I will be bringing my boots.)


HAL - January 11, 2012

If Roy Keane heard you say that We’re going out to win.


6. james - January 10, 2012

but then i guess the players wont see it that way, they will being dying to get that last spot on the plane even if they never likely to play a part on the bench..

it really would be hard on any of the 5 strikers mentioned to miss out because they all have put in significant contributions in the green shirt


7. HAL - January 11, 2012

One things for sure Trapp wont be thinking of youth or the future.


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