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United Left established within the ULA… March 3, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

Thanks to the person who sent this:

“With the new opinion poll there was a timely agreement yesterday in Dublin by the supporters of Joan Collins TD (including the Dublin 12 ULA Branch), Clare Daly TD, Cllr. Declan Bree (Sligo) and most of the active ULA nonaligned to form a new platform or organisation within the ULA, ‘United Left’.

The main focus of United Left will be the need for a new, broad based non sectarian party to represent and organise working people and to build the United Left and the wider alliance as a preparation for such a party. United Left bases itself on the founding statement of the ULA.

It also aims to develop a strategy to build further by involving other left organisations and groups either as part of the United Left or the wider alliance.

United Left will register as a ‘party’ for electoral purposes.

It is planned to have a public launch of United Left and a series of local public meetings in the near future.”

[interesting to work through the implications, particularly the registration of UL as a party – wbs]


1. lastoneturnoffthelights - March 3, 2013

So the United Left Alliance now has a faction within it of the real United Left.

What a laughing stock.


2. ivorthorne - March 3, 2013

Clear as mud. I swear, you need to have completed some sort of doctorate on the subject before you can understand the structure of the left in this country.

Is this a party or not?


ivorthorne - March 3, 2013

I should probably add my initial reaction to the announcement is positive. It’s just hard to figure out the implications.


3. Ally - March 3, 2013

Sad, very sad, and the long haired tax frauding clown on the sideline


4. BroadLeftBrowne - March 3, 2013

Clare Daly has made a personal mistake with Wallace, however The remaining United Left who satayed on are neither naive nor grandstanding, yet neither can the workers Socialist Party or the worse Socialist Workers Party even put class before party (with unilateral ultimatums to each other), there is no short cuts, however the straight-talking working class (union & non-union) don’t give a flying f**k about programme purity or cadre egos, they are emigrating 200 a week, some committing suicide, they need jobs & the growing realisation is provisional Sinn Fein will establish themselves in elections for decades not to forget Fianna Fail plus the tiny new right-wing populist parties such as DDI (Direct Democracy Ireland) & Sli Nios Farr will also take some protest votes, the Left has to even try cop itself on or reap the whirlwind coming


5. shea - March 4, 2013

Do DDI have positions on things other than all decisions should be put to a vote and what makes them right wing?


doctorfive - March 4, 2013

Isn’t there a few ‘freeman’ types involved?


shea - March 4, 2013

i don’t know.


RosencrantzisDead - March 4, 2013

Yes. Ben Gilroy associates with Freeman and they do push a ‘sovereign independent’ line.


6. rockroots - March 4, 2013

Good luck to them. Really. I hope they can salvage something positive out of the ashes.


7. NollaigO - March 4, 2013

Is the United Left going to organise on a 26 County or a 32 County basis?


Potter Conroy - March 6, 2013

Looks like it’s a one county basis at the moment !


8. Branno's ultra-left t-shirt - March 4, 2013

On a European and then international basis.


9. John O'Neill - March 4, 2013

Ally = I would much prefer to be in an organisation that decided what I can think and would vet anyone I wanted to date to ensure their ‘ideological purity’.

The UA will be a thirty two county organisation.


Mark P - March 5, 2013

John, that’s a truly bizarre comment and indeed a disgraceful one.


WorldbyStorm - March 5, 2013

Calm yourself Mark P. ally’s track record on here under that name and others is one of making deliberately provocative statements designed to create a certain response (and no friend of the SP s/he either unless in addition to what appears to be sock-puppeting they also take deeply contradictory positions).


Mark P - March 5, 2013

Oh, I’m calm enough, WbS. I’m no fan of Ally’s stirring, but that doesn’t mean that I’m any more impressed by John’s smear in response. Particularly when his comment seems to be targeted at people who are, as you note, no obvious friends to the person who wound him up.


10. Tawdy - March 4, 2013

Good luck to them.


11. King Alpha Plan - March 4, 2013

“The UA will be a thirty two county organisation” – another group?


12. Nikita - March 4, 2013

Is the ISN involved in the UL John?


13. United Left established within the ULA | Tomás Ó Flatharta - March 4, 2013

[…] the Cedar Lounge 3rd March […]


14. maddurdu - March 4, 2013
15. RosencrantzisDead - March 4, 2013

Could someone explain to me the composition of the ULA as it now stands?

Some sort of chart or Venn diagram would be nice.


Mark P - March 5, 2013

As I understand it, RiD, the ULA is now a very loose alliance chiefly at Dail level, between the Collins/Daly/Connolly new grouping or “United Left” and the SWP’s “People Before Profit Alliance”.

It’s not clear what happens to those ULA independents who don’t want to join the “United Left”, whether there are still to be ULA structures for them to participate in or if they’ve effectively been thrown out. It’s also not clear, at least from the outside, if there will be any joint structures involving both PBPA and UL rank and file members.


RosencrantzisDead - March 5, 2013

Thanks, Mark P.


16. D_D - March 5, 2013

The ULA as such is not really material. Technically it’s composed of the People Before Profit Alliance and nonaligned members. The new grouping, United Left, is proposing to be a new component of the ULA. It has absorbed the bulk of the active nonaligned, who are no longer nonaligned, but there are still some nonaligned members of the ULA. How they view their involvement in the ULA is unclear. [The original post on this thread gives a fair idea of the composition of the United Left itself. (The Irish Socialist Network were nonaligned members of the ULA and have come into UL.)]

United Left will register for elections and, hopefully, start to establish new Branches. In the spirit of left unity United Left is not in favour of dissolving the ULA even though they hardly see their partners in the PBPA. The United Left’s proposition is that there should be co-operation with the PBPA, particularly in the Dáil, and that the present structures should be wound up and replaced by a small co-ordinating committee representing the two groups. It would have no decision making function.

The task of building, or beginning the building of, the ULA, the ULA project, or whatever (preferably non offensive) meme you might like, falls to the United Left. The United Left, including two of the original five TDs, and two ULA local councillors, is picking up the fallen colours of the ULA. It remains to be seen how high or how far or how wide it can carry them. Róisín’s Rag Bags and Rabitte’s Motley Crew 🙂


Mark P - March 5, 2013

So to clarify that, D_D, it’s the United Left’s proposal is that all joint structures involving the PBPA component of the ULA should be wound up apart from a committee with no decision making powers? And that all ULA structures involving non-aligned members of the ULA who continue to be non-aligned rather than UL members, should be wound up entirely?


WorldbyStorm - March 5, 2013

That does seem to be the thrust of it, doesn’t it?


17. Ally - March 5, 2013

Where does long hair and the mercyless fit in to this? Kind of like dingleberries hanging off the end of the UL?


18. Ally - March 5, 2013

A sad end for the ISN


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