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And you thought you had already heard the stupidest thing John Bruton could say in 2016 October 17, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Crazed nonsense....

John Bruton

The decision to leave is reversing 1,000 years of history between Britain and Ireland.


1. EWI - October 17, 2016

I thought it was reversing nearly 1,000 years of history between England and France?



EWI - October 17, 2016

My apologies, that should be ‘France’s former colonial possession, England’.


2. Michael Carley - October 17, 2016

The first half of that quote is even worse:

We have been part of a common economic area for a very, very long time, only broken in the 18th century when Britain adopted anti-Irish trade practices and there was an episode in the 1930s,


3. Gewerkschaftler - October 17, 2016

The eternal present of liberalism projected back into the past.

I have it on good historical authority (my own arse) that Neolithic peoples were particularly keen of barrier-free trade between the two islands.


Ed - October 17, 2016

We were also part of a free-trade area in slaves that reached as far as Scandinavia during the middle ages; ahead of its time.


Gewerkschaftler - October 17, 2016

Don’t forget the sophisticated ISDS arrangements that pertained at the time. Involving hairy gentlemen in ships with large axes.

I’d support CETA if ISDS consisted of locking corporate lawyers in an arena with a variety of Bronze Age weaponry and awarding the case to the last man or woman standing.

Only joking. Sort of.


6to5against - October 17, 2016

you know, weren’t the Vikings really just an early example of FDI, for which we should be grateful.


RosencrantzisDead - October 17, 2016

“The collapse of the Hittites and the Mycenaeans is because their profligacy with all that bronze. What is needed now is structural reform so confidence can return to these societies. The critics who say otherwise just do not understand basic sooth-saying and would not even know how to read the entrails of a crow.”

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Tomboktu - October 17, 2016

I don’t know my neolithics from me arse, but I did read recently that the Bell Beaker culture could be compared with the EU in the sense that a large swathe of Europe seemed to have been unified with a single culture.

(Now, was Bell Beaker pre, post or just Neolithic?)


4. CL - October 17, 2016

Whatever about the 1,000 years of history it does seem that John Bruton and Martin McGuinness have similar views on the dire consequences of Brexit for the GFA and for Ireland’s economy, North and South.


5. Phil - October 17, 2016

Just think of all that history we share, on these two islands – all the fun we’ve had together, us Brits and you Irish, right from Norman times…

What is he like?


6. Starkadder - October 17, 2016

“The decision to leave is reversing 1,000 years of history between Britain and Ireland.”

So it’s back to High Kings for us, then…


7. kieran - November 25, 2016

history repeats itself again and again and again


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