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Socialist Republic – Movement for A Socialist Republic – April/May 1977 November 28, 2016

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To download the above please click on the following link. Socialist Republican

Please click here to go the Left Archive.

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This document from the MSR joins a number of other publications from that source in the Archive. It is a wide ranging edition covering Turf Lodge, Students Building A Fighting Opposition and an analysis of Britsh Imperialism and its ‘Strategy and tactics in Northern Ireland’. Notably there are pieces on how the ‘Church launches New Attack on Women’ and another covering the leading role of women telephonists in the campaign for equal pay. The magazine very strongly and consciously promotes the issue of Equal Pay under the slogan ‘Equal Pay Without Further Delay!’.

Additionally there are two pieces, one on the ‘Crisis in the SDLP’ and another on ‘Officials Turn Further Right’ in the wake of the publication of the ‘Irish Industrial Revolution’.

There’s a long piece on May Day 77 which argues that:

In the South May Day is greeted with growing resentment to the repressive policies of the Coalition, frustration with the attack on living standards and restrictions of NWA’s [national wage agreements]. Large and heavy battalions of the workers are moving in the direction of a confrontation as unemployment reaches the 18% mark and inflation soars.


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