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Interview with Maria Walsh ‘Fine Gael? I don’t think they’re right wing. I think they’re economically confident.’ April 6, 2019

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From Village and conducted by Jason O’Toole, formerly of the Mail and Hot Press. It’s an interesting one, Walsh is Fine Gael’s candidate for the European Elections in Midlands/North-West, she’s a former Rose of Tralee and she revealed she was a a lesbian soon after her win.

Her decision to join Fine Gael is intriguing.


Why Fine Gael?

While I know Labour was very much pushing behind the doors for marriage equality, it was Fine Gael that delivered both referendums so overwhelmingly. As a young person, I respected that. I’m a traditional liberal. I’m a paradox in that sense that I’m gay, believe in women’s rights and am a big advocate for social issues, but I also believe in traditional family values. And economically, I think they are working especially hard to ensure that our country is back on track. For me, it was a right fit.

But you feel naturally more suited to a right- wing party?

Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I don’t think they’re right wing. I think they’re economically confident. They’re making hard choices. There’s things I agree with and things I don’t agree with. But, in terms of social issues, they’re far from the right.

O’Toole asks some pointed question as regards Varadkar’s change of heart on marriage equality which she kind of answers.

Yet Leo Varadkar once said he was against same sex marriage.
I can’t offer comment as to why he did that, considering his own sexual orientation. But, thank God, we’re in a country that is embrac- ing change versus covering it up.

On politics more generally…

Would you have any ideological objections to your party going into coalition with Sinn Féin?

Do I think sinn Féin are at the point for any party – be it Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael – to go into coalition with them? no. I don’t think any- body who stands behind a sign on st Patrick’s Day in a big city like new York is in their right state of mind-frame to bring this country forward.

On religion:

How can you be a member of the LGBTQI community and still be a practising member of the Catholic Church?

When I got to the pearly gates, myself and himself will have a chat. There’s a lot of organi- sations that discriminate against the gay community and women. But that doesn’t mean we don’t support them. There’s fundamental issues we need to change and if we’re not in it we can’t change them. Like politics, if we don’t have more women come to the forefront then we’re going to continue to see only privileged white men wearing grey suits. so, we need to change that much like our religion.

On her sexuality:

What do you make of Mary McAleese saying the Church’s views on homosexuality are evil?

I appreciate and respect everything our former president McAleese has shared because it’s not easy. she’s taking on a traditional group and people who truly believe homosexuality is an act of evil. And it’s far from it. (Among) my core friends, I’m the only LGBTQI community member and my community spirit far out- weighs any of them in terms of giving back all the time. now, does that make me evil because I’m gay? not at all. My sexuality is just a small aspect of who I am and what I am as a person. I almost get asexual when I’m not in a relationship because I have so many other things to talk about. And I think if we don’t have people like Mary McAleese charging in, acting out and speaking to the core group of people that believe your sexuality is the only thing that defines you in terms of God’s eye then she’s doing heroic work. And more of her is what’s needed.

And she is thoughtful on the issue of whether had she been out would she have won the Rose of Tralee. There’s a lot more and it’s very interesting to read and good to see O’Toole back interviewing political figures.


1. Ian - April 6, 2019

What the? “economically confident” – can someone interpret that for me?


benmadigan - April 7, 2019

“economically confident” = doing what they want, with no regard for the sick, homeless, poor etc

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yourcousin - April 7, 2019

I was going to go with, “sticking it to those greedy nurses”.

Liked by 1 person

EWI - April 7, 2019

It just euphemism for being an unabashed Tory. If Leo proves anything, it’s that shame, self-reflection or even solidarity are commodities in short supply in those parts. Walsh seems an attention-seeker media personality (another PR stunt and CV item for this wannabe politician has been recently joining the RDF, the former FCÁ).


2. Dermot M O Connor - April 7, 2019


“I’m all right Jack, Fuck You”.


3. The ‘pedigree’ side of Fine Gael | The Cedar Lounge Revolution - April 8, 2019

[…] given the post on the interview with Maria Walsh at the weekend what a telling comment from her when she says, IIRC in the IT a week or so […]


4. Bartholomew - April 9, 2019

She probably meant to say ‘competent’. Not that that makes it any better, or more true.


WorldbyStorm - April 9, 2019

That’s very likely actually. As you say though, doesn’t make it better.


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