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Irish Blog Awards 2009: Best Irish Political Blog for Cedar Lounge Revolution… much appreciated… February 22, 2009

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Just a few words to say how grateful we are at the CLR for the award of Best Political Blog (and apologies for not getting a chance to post this up earlier). Thanks to Damien and all at the awards and congratulations to the other winners. Also thanks to everyone else who participated in the process. And thanks to everyone who posts and comments here. For various reasons, one of which was the march, we weren’t able to make it. But its very important to have such events in the blogging community, particularly because of the broad spread of opinions and types of blogs. From reading others blogs (and a well deserved win of the Grand Prix Prize to Suzy Byrne) it sounds like a great evening…


1. Omaniblog - February 23, 2009

Congratulations. I’ll be reading your blog in future.

I’ve written you an Open Letter on my blog. I’d be grateful if you’d read it.



2. EWI - February 23, 2009

Paul, I’ve left a related comment on your blog (I don’t want to drag the Cedar Loungers into this 😉


3. Eagle - February 23, 2009

More than warranted. Congratulations.


4. ejh - February 23, 2009

Christ, I’ve got Penélope Cruz all over the bloody telly here and now I’ve got you and all.


5. Ted - February 23, 2009

Fair play people

Thoroughly deserved


6. tomcosgrave - February 23, 2009

Congratulations to Worldbystorm and the gang. Very well deserved.


7. WorldbyStorm - February 23, 2009

Again, thanks, but none of us could have done it without Ulick McEvaddy!


8. John - February 24, 2009

Hearty congratulations and shame on you!!!! 😉


9. Tom Duke - February 24, 2009

Congratulations to all on getting the blog award – I wasn’t able to make it (due to work pressures) to do the sponsor thing. Which is probably good as I would have been standing on the stage by myself 😉

Well done again.


10. Joe - February 24, 2009

ENOUGH. I haven’t read such an orgy of mutual appreciation and backslapping since I was passed a copy of Mickey Riordan’s paean to Nicky Ceaucescu on the occasion of the Romanian CP’s 1989 jamboree.
Your blog is what 3, 4 years on the go and the Irish working class is still in thrall to free market capitalism. What’s the point of your blog if it doesn’t change anything? You’re a disgrace and you know it! In all that time you haven’t even been able to show me how to insert a smiling winky. If you won that award the rest must be rubbish. So there.


11. Bartholomew - February 24, 2009

It was the Curran Aluminium thread wot won it.


12. WorldbyStorm - February 24, 2009

Joe, you raise some very important points, curiously not dissimilar to Johns…

I think though Bartholomew is right…


13. Hugh Murphy - February 24, 2009

I agree.

My shortest post yet.


14. splinteredsunrise - February 25, 2009

Having been away in Britland I’m coming a bit late to this. But congrats, and very well deserved.


15. WorldbyStorm - February 25, 2009

Thanks splintered… at least the left had good representation, yourself included, this year in nominations…


16. John Hanamy - July 23, 2009

Well done


17. WorldbyStorm - July 24, 2009



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