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FF’s shift to the left? And the left pressurising larger party TDs… August 25, 2016

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The Phoenix recently argued that Willie O’Dea is currently the most left wing, one uses the term advisedly, member of FF. And it argues that this is “because of his large working class Limerick City base”. It goes further and suggests that he has been arguing for ‘a lurch to the left’ by FF. All this in the context of FF arguing for increases in the state pension and other areas of social welfare – O’Dea is, of course, FF’s social protection spokesperson.

This is of course tactical, isn’t it, if such a phenomenon exists. And I think it does. FF knows that to win back the broad tranches of the urban, and sections of the rural, working class across the state a pitch to the left is the only way forward. Actually having FG in power to take the heat is no bad place for them. Telling how little talk there is of leadership heaves in the party currently. It’s as if they think it’s only a matter of time. And perhaps it is.

And certainly if any member of FF is aware of the pressures from the left he would be one. His own constituency, a four seater, is one he shares with SF’s Maurice Quinlivan and that unlikely holdout from the Labour Party, Jan O’Sullivan. With Cian Prendiville in the mix no doubt things are more up in the air that he would like. Thought granted, his position this time around was substantially better than the nadir of 2011 though not as good as 2007. Curiously though O’Sullivan’s vote held up somewhat better than might be expected. Anyone able to count for that?

Still this isn’t the only constituency where strong left challenges inflect the politics of the larger party TDs. Any other examples come to people’s minds?


1. sonofstan - August 25, 2016

Go to concentrate the mind of our own dear Paschal. It’s not beyond the bounds that DC could return three ‘left’ TDs.


EWI - August 25, 2016

I was just about to suggest Dublin Central!


2. dublinstreams - August 25, 2016

left wing? or or is he more Populist then some others who been accused of that?


3. Tawdy - August 25, 2016

To equate any SF TD as of the left is problematic. As to Willie O’Dea, populist is about the nicest appellation that could be applied, his opportunism, on his own behalf, knows no bounds. Jan O’Sullivan barely held that seat under pressure from Cian Prenderville.

SF gained their seat here in Limerick from FG, the vote for FF was down some what. The actual Left vote A LA Labour and AAA was up but only reflected previous voting patterns.

FF is hoping that those FG voters who voted in SF will turn to FF in time for the next election and the AAA are hoping that disillusioned SF and Labour voters will turn to them.

In other words there may be a significant change here in Limerick with the idea that Noonan is out for next election, that there could possibly be two real left TDs for Limerick.


WorldbyStorm - August 25, 2016

I’m curious why you’d consider SF not at least mildly left of centre? Is it their programme or their policies?


Tawdy - August 25, 2016

Overall SF are trying desperately to steal FFs clothes to be THE populist party in Ireland. They talk out of both sides of their mouths, at the same time, I will say in their favour that they are at least consistent in that.

That they will change, dilute or even drop their stated policies if they ever get sniff of government is a given. In the same mode as a certain ex Labour leader, sure isn’t that what you do in politics.

They are to some extent left sounding which they have to play down for their American friends. They are attempting the safe pair of hands game, and just like the previous administrations we will all suffer.

To the bauld Roddy, I gather you disagree with me that it was disaffected FG voters who voted for SF along with SF supporters to elect the SF TD here in Limerick. You need to understand that when it was a 5 seater here in Limerick there were always 2 FF 2 FG 1 Labour. Now that it’s a 4 seater it’s 1 FF 1 FG 1SF 1Labour. Just where do you think SF votes came from?


WorldbyStorm - August 26, 2016

I can’t help but think that that answer unintentionally drifts away from the question. Populism doesn’t strike me as the sole preserve f the right or centre even if the charge is accurate. Moreover it’s all a bit subjective too. It is possible SF could be as abysmal as you paint it but something a bit more robust in terms of evidence would be no harm. I also wonder about how if you were correct that would impact on SF itself and members or reps who genuinely cleave to a left of centre analysis.


4. roddy - August 25, 2016

HORSESHIT! “those FG voters who voted in SF”!


5. Jim Monaghan - August 25, 2016

If the Left could not do it last time and the time before, unless there is another crash, I cannot see them doing much better. FF is reviving. How awful?


gendjinn - August 26, 2016

SF without the IRA are an attractive home for many disillusioned FF voters. But that’s a two way street if SF disillusions its voters.


WorldbyStorm - August 26, 2016



6. Joe - August 26, 2016

” It’s as if they think it’s only a matter of time. And perhaps it is.”

It appears sadly that it is only a matter of time before FF return to govt as the majority party in some kind of coalition. All they appear to have to do is sit tight and do what they’ve been doing for the last while – claim credit for any govt measures which give people a few more bob in their pockets and push for more of same.
The reality is that FF slew the SF threat at the last election.
We’ll be back to two and a half party politics soon – FF, FG and SF as the half.


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