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Political Shopping January 2, 2017

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Politics.

I am currently Reading about Rural Electrification and learnt that when the electricity came Fianna Fail people got Phillips Radios and Fine Gael people got Bush Radios . …. I gather too that FF ate Bolands biscuits…and FG people ate Jacobs. There’s supposedly a Lyons/Barrys Tea divide also. Any other products or brands (Newspapers aside) that were associated with one party or the other. Or indeed similar from further afield?


1. dublinstreams - January 2, 2017

“Fianna Fail people got Phillips Radios and Fine Gael people got Bush Radios” why?


irishelectionliterature - January 2, 2017

I’m afraid no reason was given in the book.


dublinstreams - January 3, 2017

rival regional departments stores that stocked the different radios? owned by different politically aligned people?


2. Tomboktu - January 2, 2017

What were the prices of the brands?


3. roddy - January 2, 2017

Up here unionists tended to avoid any product with a “taigy” name.A relative of mine worked in a pub in Ballymena and he recalls customers telling him in their Ulster Scots dialect – ” Dinne be givin me a Portglenone boy” (The product in question was ” Monk export ” which they associated erroneously with the cistercian monastry in nearby Portglenone!”)


4. Aonrud ⚘ - January 2, 2017

Speaking of rural electrification, have you ever seen the gear they used to climb the poles? There’s a brief clip in this video:


GW - January 2, 2017

Pole men and women still use that gear on wooden poles. The safety harness is a bit improved.


5. yourcousin - January 2, 2017

Here locally the line is the boycotting of Coors.



The irony is that there are plenty of Berners who think drinking Coors original is hip and cool. Because it’s not a craft beer and it’s not Pabst Blue Ribbon (which is very much associated with urban hipsters), although some of us rednecks drink it too. I always like the fact that it still says “union made” right on the can.

Here’s another piece on what drinks are union made.



yourcousin - January 2, 2017

As an addendum I’m a Budweiser man as they have a big brewery in northern Colorado and are union.


GW - January 3, 2017

I never new that about Budweiser YC.

I like the Czech Budweiser – but I doubt that Budvar is a trades union brewery.


yourcousin - January 3, 2017

Over here Czech Bud is sold as Czechvar lager. One of my favorites. As for not being organized, well it’s a new year and hope springs eternal.


6. Gerryboy - January 2, 2017

FF and FG supporters eat liquorice allsorts; left of centre voters suck bullseyes; floating voters chew marshmallows. Political pundits who get their forecasts wrong eat sour grapes. Happy New Year. Gobstoppers are best for people who talk political gobshite.

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Joe - January 3, 2017

I heard there was a big drop in sales of Toffo around Bellaghy after the split.


7. roddy - January 3, 2017

Any form of gum was banned from our house thereafter!


Joe - January 3, 2017

The quality of dressmaking declined in our house. My ma wouldn’t have a pin about the place!


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