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Class politics: Veronica Mars Season 2 February 29, 2020

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Finished season two, and all too conscious that there’s only one (and a half, sort of kind of) seasons, plus a film to go, it’s like a resource that is being depleted. No, it is a resource that is being depleted. That said, the seasons are 20 plus episodes long, so in contemporary terms that would be six seasons in total, if not more.

This isn’t to say it is flawless. Some of the editing is very choppy and I can’t quite work out whether the trope whereby any given mystery is impossible to understand until a good way into an episode is a glitch or a feature. But there’s so much to enjoy and admire in it that I think I’ll go with the latter, that these are features.

But season two, like season one, has been most interesting in its steely-eyed display of class, race and gender. It just doesn’t shy away from something that in other television is usually ignored, or downplayed. And having Veronica Mars herself as a person who sits on an uneasy intersection between classes is a stroke of genius, because people in the show are not afraid to comment on that.

In one episode there is, quite literally, a short lecture including slide show on how gentrification has hollowed out places like Palo Alto. But the manner in which the world is built makes this flow with the narrative rather than seem a heavy-handed intrusion. And the sense of place there is very strong.

That the central mystery is in a way more extravagant than that in the first season doesn’t hinder the development of the plot.

Then there’s the cast which remains absolutely note perfect throughout. May have mentioned this before, but there’s an honesty about the fact the groups are actually a bit disparate. People come in and out of view in a way that I think is very true of friendships at that stage of life. They’re not a Scooby-gang, more a slightly detached group of people who as they gain or lose partners or experience various events have different interactions with one another.

I’ve been amazed it took this long to find this series, and kind of glad that it did.

Great podcast here Afoot from the incomparable about Season One.


1. An Sionnach Fionn - February 29, 2020

I’m aware that Veronica Mars existed in the geek cultural zeitgeist back in the day but I never watched it or knew much about it. Except that its fans were Buffy-level crazy 😉 I will have to take a look.

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