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Not a fan club June 25, 2021

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Amazing piece in the Phoenix which relates how Cork City Council saw a motion passed by a Fine Gael councillor, with the vocal support of Solidarity and the Green Party Cllrs and with no votes cast against it, to “condemn the use of anonymous twitter accounts to denigrate journalists and … twitter trolls who use such accounts to verbally abuse people on social media in a shameful and cowardly manner”.

As the Phoenix notes, this was very much directed at one of those formerly with a high profile in the media – though the Cllr proposing it was asked not to mention any names. That said the Cllr did attack this person for their ‘attacks on St John Hume for his role in the peace process; for attacking Mary McAleese; for calling Michael Collins a murderer; for trying to undermine Simon Coveney and Leo Varadkar’s efforts to avoid a hard border; for being the biggest media cheerleader for Bertie Ahern despite the former taoiseach’s “seminal role in the destruction of the Irish economy”.

As the Phoenix also notes, all this received in silence by Fianna Fáil councillors.


1. Roger Cole - June 25, 2021

Martin is the first leader of FF, The Soldiers of Destiny, who is bitterly opposed to a United Ireland, strongly influenced by Harris, the clear target of the resolution. No wonder the FF Councillors reacted they way they did.

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2. Starkadder - June 26, 2021

The Cork City Council motion is here (section 31.2), although it doesn’t mention the comments in the second paragraph about John Hume etc.

Click to access 14-06-2021-agenda-council-meeting.pdf

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