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Left Archive: Socialist Youth 2001, Founding Conference and International Rally, Socialist Party, 2001 June 28, 2021

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This short four page document was produced for the founding conference of Socialist Youth, the youth section of the Socialist Party. The document sub-title is ‘Fighting Global Capitalism for a Socialist Future’ and the conference was held in Dublin City University.

The inside pages list times and speakers on the day with a range of guests including some from International Resistance Germany, Young Socialist Action England & Wales, the African Section of the Socialist Party, Socialist Youth Belfast and Joe Higgins and Clare Daly, at that time a TD and Councillor for the SP respectively.

The afternoon was to have a session discussing ‘the situation facing young people in Ireland, North and South and then one discussing proposed manifestoes for the North and South ‘which have aleraeedy been drafted, outlining where we stand on the key issues affecting young people. This session will discuss the manifestoes, plus national structures and targets to reach for the next year’.

That evening there was a social with a ‘DJ to suit all tastes’ and ‘a photo exhibition from Genoa’. Notable is the way in which the document is positioned within then contemporary events, stating that ‘From Seattle to Rio de Janeiro, from Genoa to Indonesia young people are revolting against the capitalist system which oppresses the majority and hugely enriches a tiny majority’. Particularly striking is the use of the imagery of Che Guevara on the document in no less than two places.


1. Michael Carley - June 28, 2021

From that weird time between Genoa and the World Trade Center.

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