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Left Candidates from … The 1977 General Election April 16, 2011

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To the best of my ability Left candidates from the 1977 General Election. None of them were elected.
I’m curious if anyone can confirm if  Eamonn O’Brien was The Socialist Party of Irelands only candidate.

Sinn Fein the Workers Party
Sean Walsh – Carlow Kilkenny 1666
Owen Kirk – Cavan Monaghan 713
Ted Tynan – Cork City     1661
Joe Sherlock – Cork North East  4485
Seamus Rodgers – Donegal  2505
Tomas MacGiolla – Dublin Ballyfermot 1285
Proinsias de Rossa – Dublin Finglas 1317
Raymond McGran – Dublin North Central 1138
Eric Byrne – Dublin Rathmines 1148
Dublin South Central – Andy Smith  1313
Anthony Coffey – Galway West 926
Redmond Sullivan – Kerry South     1065
Fergus Reynolds – Limerick East 262
Donnchadha MacRaghnaill – Louth   1894
Paddy Gallagher – Waterford 4500
John McManus – Wicklow  1231

Gerard McIntyre -Dublin Artane 227
John Montgomery Dublin Ballyfermot -317

Seamus Costello – 955

Socialist Party of Ireland
Eamonn O’Brien -Dublin County North  2189

Socialist Labour Party? (not sure if it had been founded at that stage)
Noel Browne -Dublin Artane -5601
Matt Merrigan – Dublin Finglas 1512

Jim Kemmy Limerick East 2333
Joe Harrington -Limerick East 122
Declan Bree – Sligo Leitrim 1282

Left Candidates from the 1987 General Election April 9, 2011

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The Workers Party increased its vote from November 1982 to 3.8% and managed to double its seats from two to four. Proinsias de Rossa and Tomas MacGiolla held their seats , Joe Sherlock regained a seat in Cork East whilst Pat McCartan won a seat in Dublin North East.
Aside from McCartan and Sherlock there were others such as Eamon Gilmore, Eric Byrne , Pat Rabbitte and John McManus who would now be targeting seats in the next Election.
The geographical spread of the candidates had increased too since 1982 with WP candidates now in Cavan Monaghan, Tipperary, Meath, Limerick and Kildare.
Down in Limerick Jim Kemmy regained his seat and in Dublin Central Tony Gregory held on to his seat also.
So the Left having gone into the election having 3 seats came out of the election with 6 seats.

The Workers Party
Joseph Butler – Carlow Kilkenny 1,664
Oliver Rogers – Cavan Monaghan 577
Joe Sherlock – Cork East         6,986 ** Elected
John Kelleher – Cork North Central   2,628
Kathleen Lynch – Cork South Central  2,349
Seamus Rodgers – Donegal South West  2,512
Michael Jennings – Dublin Central 1,463
Triona Dooney -Dublin North Central  1,643

Pat McCartan – Dublin North East 3,297 **Elected
Philomena Donnelly – Dublin North West  614
Proinsias de Rossa- Dublin North West  6,866 **Elected
Eamonn O Liathain – Dublin South   1,308
Eric Byrne – Dublin South Central  3,946
Andy Smith – Dublin South East    1,250
Tom Crilly – Dublin South East     660
Pat Rabbitte- Dublin South West  5,086
Tomas MacGiolla -Dublin West  6,651 ** Elected
Eamon Gilmore – Dun Laoghaire   4,054
James Brick – Galway West  1,567
Sean O’Grady – Kerry South  735
Colm Purcell – Kildare   1,238
Ferga Grant – Limerick East  246
Donnchadha MacRaghnaill – Louth   570
Seamus McDonagh – Meath  790
Sean Hill – Tipperary South  407
Anthony Wright– Waterford  552
Paddy Gallagher – Waterford 2,855
Michael Enright – Wexford  1,250
John McManus- Wicklow  3,509

Noel Murphy  –Cork North Central 182
Deirdre Buggle -Dublin South Central 186
Michael Wall -Dublin South Central 102
Jean Roche  –Dublin West  72
John Montgomery  -Dublin West   183

Philip O’Connor – Dublin North Central  681
Eamonn Maloney -Dublin South West  223
Michael Conaghan  -Dublin West  600
Jim Kemmy -Limerick East   5,920 **Elected

Brigid Makowski -Clare   644
Tony Gregory -Dublin Central 7,721 ** Elected
Declan Bree -Sligo Leitrim 2,584
Seamus Healy -Tipperary South  1,457

** I’ve linked to candidates Leaflets from that 1987 Election.

Left Candidates from November 1982 April 2, 2011

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Another in the series of looking at the Left vote in previous General Elections, Left candidates and their results from the November 1982 General Election.

The Workers Party (having changed from Sinn Fein The Workers Party the previous April) fielded 20 candidates , 3 more than in the February 1982 Election.
Their National vote increased to 3.3% from 2.2% earlier in the year. However having gone into the election with three seats, they returned with two seats (Tomas MacGiolla and Proinsias de Rossa) with Paddy Gallagher in Waterford and Joe Sherlock in Cork East both losing their seats.
They had supported the minority Fianna Fail government for a number of months and this was held against them by many voters. It was felt by many that they had not done enough to create jobs, indeed such was the frustration that in July a group of Unemployed Youth in the guise of ‘Dungarvan Unemployment Action Group’ marched from Waterford to Dublin in protest. Terry Moroney , one of the marchers stood in the election.
Regionally The Workers Party polled 2.9% in Munster , 6.5% in the Dublin Region, 1.9% in The Leinster Region (excluding Dublin) and 1.1% in Connaught Ulster.
In Limerick East, after a campaign by The Limerick Leader against Jim Kemmy based around his views on abortion, The Democratic Socialist Party TD lost his seat. The local Labour Party had also exploited the issue.
In Dublin Central, on the back of “The Gregory Deal” and local work Tony Gregory held on to the seat he had won earlier in the year.

Between them Fianna Fail and Fine Gael won 84.3% of the vote in that November 82 Election. The previous record combined FF/FG high of 84.6% was in the February 1982 Election.

The Workers Party Candidates
Sean Walsh – Carlow Kilkenny 2,189
Joe Sherlock – Cork East – 6,186
John Kelleher -Cork North Central 1836
Noel Power – Cork South Central 1,485
Seamus Rodgers Donegal South West 1,972

Michael White – Dublin Central 2,161
Padraig Yeates Dublin North Central 1,476
Pat McCartan- Dublin North East 3,056
Proinsias de Rossa – Dublin North West 6,291 ** Elected
Eric Byrne – Dublin South Central 3,774
Andy Smith – Dublin South East 1,820
Pat Rabbitte – Dublin South West 2,365
Tomas MacGiolla – Dublin West 6,844 ** Elected
Eamon Gilmore Dun Laoghaire 1,368

James Brick Galway West 1,787
Sean O’Grady Kerry South 679
Donnchadha MacRaghnaill Louth 671
Paddy Gallagher Waterford 4,577
John Roche – Wexford 920
John McManus- Wicklow 3,431

Democratic Socialist Party Candidates
Garry O’Sullivan-Cork South Central  369 votes
Philip O’Connor – Dublin North Central  224 votes
Denis O’Connor -Dublin South   479 votes
Seamus Rattigan -Dublin South Central  303 votes
Michael Conaghan -Dublin West  476 votes
John De Courcy Ireland -Dun Laoghaire 1036 votes
Jim Kemmy -Limerick East 4125 votes

John Montgomery – Dublin West  259 votes

James Lane  -Cork South Central 398

Tony Gregory-Dublin Central  6,237 votes ** Elected
Bernadette McAliskey – Dublin North Central  1.023
Billy Keegan  -Dublin North West  198 votes
Anthony Clarke  -Dun Laoghaire 205 votes
Declan Bree – Sligo Leitrim   1,832 votes
Terence Moroney – Waterford  285 votes

*I’ve linked to candidates leaflets from that November 1982 Election that I’ve posted to date.

Left Candidates from the 1981 General Election March 26, 2011

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As an election junkie , one the the annoying things, is the classification of Small parties into the ‘Independent’ or ‘others’ bracket. Electionsireland.org is a fantastic resource but often smaller parties are not listed or all of their candidates are not listed, especially from the pre internet age.

I’ll do a series of these posts, each covering a different election.

So I’m going to start with the 1981 General Election and list all the candidates from the Socialist Labour Party, The Socialist Party , the CPI and as many Left leaning Independents as I can.

Socialist Labour Party
Noel Browne -Dublin North Central 5031 votes  **Elected
Michael O’Donoghue -Dublin North East 309 votes
Billy Keegan -Dublin North West 473 votes
Matt Merrigan -Dublin North West 209 votes
Ivor Andreas Nolan -Dublin West  63 votes
Dermot Boucher -Dun Laoghaire 575 votes
John Teehan  -Wexford 447 Votes

Communist Party of Ireland
John Montgomery -Dublin West 202 votes
John Curley -Dublin North Central 156 votes

Socialist Party
Eamonn Farrell -Dublin North West 236 votes
Denis O’Connor -Dublin South 335 votes

SFWP candidates are listed here , Joe Sherlock won a seat for them in Cork East.

That 1981 Election also saw the election of two H-Block TDs and of course Left Independent Jim Kemmy in Limerick.

Amongst other Left leaning Independents who stood were Declan Bree , Tony Gregory, Paddy Healy, Anthony Coffey and Joe Harrington. There was also Liz Noonan who stood on a Gay Rights platform in Dublin South East.

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