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Summer 2006: Treason Season in N. Ireland? June 21, 2006

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First the former British spook "Martin Ingram" accuses Martin McGuinness of being a spy, then UVF leader Mark Haddock gets the 50 Cent treatment after his side job as an informer is revealed. Now the INLA claims to have outed a Special Branch agent in its midst, and, in a gesture of surprising generosity considering the group's colourful history, has offered a one-week amnesty to any other spies within the organization.

This latest bit of news isn't that interesting in itself, and hardly falls outside the day-to-day skullduggery that makes Northern Ireland such an, err, eventful place. However, there is a fascinating revelation to be found in the Daily Ireland article, as the INLA claims that this alleged informer is the man behind the recent sectarian attacks on Orange halls in county Derry. The "sources close to the INLA leadership" maintain that this man has been organizing these attacks at the behest of the PSNI Special Branch.

To me, this presents two real possibilities. The first is that the INLA has expelled this man for other reasons, and has tacked on accusations of touting to discredit him among other republicans. The second is that this individual really is a spy, and that the PSNI have either been allowing sectarian tensions to escalate by not arresting him, or even encouraging such communal conflict, as the INLA claims. 

If the latter case is true, this should give serious misgivings to anyone who still believes the British security forces in N. Ireland simply want to prevent Protestant-Catholic violence. I wouldn't draw any sweeping single motivation out of this one incident, but, if these allegations are true, it lends credence to the theory that certain elements of the British state are primarily concerned with justifying their own continued existence.


1. WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2006

The guy admitted to working for Special Branch for twelve months? That’s all? They got their monies worth if it were true.

Interesting, but hardly conclusive. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that various parties tend to stir the plot and also that there are intriguing turf wars continuing all the time.


2. stringjack - June 21, 2006

There are (at least) two further possibilities:

(i) That the individual in question was an asset, but that the attacks on Orange halls were extracurricular – there’s no reason to believe that just because someone is working with the security services that he will tell those services everything he does.

(ii) That the individual in question was an asset but had nothing to do with the attacks; the INLA, however, wants to tag him with the attacks in order to divert attention from someone else.


3. mbarihogun - June 21, 2006

(i) One has to wonder what the “curricular” activities of the Maghera INLA would be, then, considering the INLA are on ceasefire. Considering the high profile of the anti-Orange attacks, and the fact that the INLA has admitted a “phony” cell of their organization was carrying them out, surely the PSNI would know all about this either way?

(ii) Quite possible, although if they really want to distance themselves from pointless sectarianism, expelling this individual and protecting someone else seems like a weird choice.

Anyone, there are really countless possibilities, given the secret nature of paramilitarism and all that. Hopefully an Irp finds their way here to sort me out (verbally).


4. Jack Gramtham - September 18, 2006

Martin Ingram and Jack Grantham and British Imperialism in Ireland.For more news of Martin Ingram and Jack Grantham go to



5. Martin Ingram aka Ian Hurst is a liar - September 23, 2006

Martin Ingram aka Ian Hurst is a liar
The person who calls himself Martin ingram but is in fact ex Int Corps SSgt Ian Hurst (known as rocky) is a liar of the highest order. His book STEAKNIFE is almost complete fiction, as are his assertions that Martin McGUINNESS was an agent of the state. He is dementedly lying completely about his past service in FRU. He only ever served in sleepy backwaters of the Province and never came face to face with anyone except low level eyes and ears agents. He never ran STEAKNIFE or even met him. In short, his book is a complete fabrication based on god knows what. He endangers the lives of serving and former soldiers as well as civillians with his ridiculous fairy tales. Hopefull he will appear in court at some of the current inquiries and investigations so he can be shown to be the liar he really is.This link from http://ingramis.blogspot.com/2006/09/martin-ingram-aka-ian-hurst-is-liar.html
Posted by http://jackgrantham.blogspot.com/


6. smiffy - September 23, 2006

Joo so kerrazzah! 😉


7. Amy Grant - September 8, 2007

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