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The CLR Political Quiz … Number 65 February 7, 2014

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1. Which Irish MEP has won the Junior Chamber Ireland debating championships twice?
2. In 2011 which TD called for National Service to be introduced in Ireland?
3. The United Ulster Unionist Party had one MP, name him?
4. Who is The Mattie McGrath candidate in the Cahir/Clonmel Local Electoral Area ?
5. How many of the Independent candidates elected to the Dail in 2002 have since stood for Labour?
6. In which General Election did Fine Gael use the slogan “Don’t Vote Fianna Fail, Vote Better Times for All, Vote Fine Gael” ?
7. Which former Labour Senator stood for the Dail on five occasions without success in constituencies on Dublins Northside and Southside?
8. How many former Fianna Fail Councillors/ Senators or TDs have stood as Independents in Irish European Elections?
9. Name the Irishman who stood in last years local elections in Brussells ?
10. Who is this ?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ………….. Number 64
1. Michael O’Morain
2. Wayne Flanagan Tobin and Simon Hall
3. Hugh Byrne
4. 12
5. Alice Glenn
6. Paddy O’Toole
7. 1985
8. Dessie Ellis
9. Brendan Halligan (Labour) in 1976
10. John Ellis


1. PaddyM - February 7, 2014

2. Michelle Mulherin
3. Jim Kilfedder


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